Saturday, April 18, 2015

Roses in Bloom

As you might have noticed from previous posts, I LOVE warm weather and (most) everything that comes with it.  Being a Southern girl by birth and heart, I relish springtime and summertime!  Sometimes, here in Northern Nevada, it can take a bit longer to warm and green up.  This year was a relatively mild winter but that doesn't stop me from anxiously awaiting warm temperatures and yard work.  Yes, I love to do yard work.  Mowing the lawn is my "thing." I have been the "designated mower" since Larry and I wed all those years ago.  Something about the smell of the grass clippings, seeing my manicured lawn and heck, even the smell of the gasoline from our mower engine.  Hmmm, maybe that explains me.....haha.  However, I do NOT trim the grass edges--no weed eaters or power trimmers for me.  I will get on my hands and knees and use scissors to trim near the fence before I will use one of those pieces of equipment.  I stay as far away as possible while my husband uses a trimmer.  I have been "bit" too many times by those things throwing a small piece of tree bark or whatever.  No thank you.
I am really looking forward to having these bloom in my backyard soon:
Well, I am cheating.  That photo is from last year but it is mine!
Wherever you are, wishing you a pleasant and warm weekend!

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