Saturday, April 4, 2015

Remember our post earlier in the week?  A mother 
bird had found my spring wreath I had placed near the front door.
She apparently felt it would be a safe and cozy place to build her
nest and raise some babies.  Here is the wreath with the nest:
You can probably see the petite egg that she had already laid there.
She has since laid 2 more in there as well.  
Busy lady, she  is.

My son snapped these photos of her when she flew into our trees for a break 
or to search for food.  Her job is to protect those eggs and bring them to life
so I am sure that is a hunger-causing activity.

She isn't very big herself and we hope she is warm as the nights are still
plenty cool.  We can hear her each morning singing away, little chirps and notes
floating into our home.  Such sweet sounds.  Such a happy mama bird.  Praying
things go well for her and her little ones.

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