Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Time Nails

One of our favorite things to do is our nails.  Ever since Ali and I were little my Mom has done our nails.  Now that I'm out of the house, it's my turn to learn and be creative.  As Spring has arrived, I found it necessary to do bright colors and to, of course, add flowers!

I chose to use pink, green (almost the color of a dark emerald), orange, and white.  You will also want clear polish to give it that top coat to help it last longer and a dotting tool to dot your nails.  If you don't have a dotting tool, you can use a sewing pin and insert into the eraser of a pencil.
After you have chosen your colors, paint your nails as you always do, making one of your fingers the accent nail (the nail that is a different color.)  To make the flowers, you will take the polish you want to use as well as the white polish and put it on some paper or a plate or whatever works for you.  Take the big end of the dotting tool or grab your sewing pin tool, dab it in the white polish and center it on your nail and put the dot!  That simple.  Repeat the same thing with the color you want your flower to be and do five dots around the white dot.  It's the same process for the dots I put going off the flower, only the dots are smaller.  You should get something like this:
Have fun!

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