Saturday, April 11, 2015

Not Much Longer

Seeing as it was a sunny, warm spring day, Mama Bird took the opportunity to take a break.  Hopefully she got a meal and water in, too.  We actually put a bird feeder not far from our front steps and placed bird seed in it, you know, so she won't have to be gone too long.  She is very dedicated and never is gone long, at least from what we see.
Being the ever curious humans that we are, my taller chick, Ali, and her even taller brother peeked in to see if any activity was going on in the nest while Mama Bird was out.  No, not a thing.  Which is good.  Hoping the weather continues to warm up--we just had quite a little snowstorm on Tuesday but all seems well.
Should be fun to hear the little chirps when those babies get here.

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