Monday, March 12, 2018

Dollar Store Spring Easter Wreath

Ok, for this challenge I cheated a little bit--I already had almost everything but the wreath form.  I had bought the other items in the last few years but they were either Dollar Store items or things I picked up on clearance.  You know to use your imagination and make it your own!

Items needed:
Green foam wreath form
Wide ribbon (1" to 2" width), in one or more colors or patterns
Fabric flowers, buttons, painted wooden shapes (I used some Easter iron-on embroidery bunnies and baskets I have had for a loooong time).
Hot glue and gun or fabric glue

I start by pinning my ribbon to the wreath form--it holds the ribbon in place while I wrap it around the form.

Once the ribbon is wrapped all the around, secure the end with another straight pin (or the ones you used at the beginning).  Now it's time to adorn your wreath!

I used felt flowers that I already had and the iron-on embroidery Easter Bunnies and Basket.  I just hot-glued mine on but don't burn your pinkies!

I also cut a small piece of grosgrain ribbon to add some more "umph" to the wreath.  You know, you can make this wreath YOUR WAY!  Don't forget to check the Dollar Store, Target's Dollar Section, and your own supplies!

What will I do with my Easter Bunny Wreath?  I will take it to my little son, Scott, who passed away many years ago at one month of age.  It will look nice on his headstone and I try to make or take something each season and on many holidays.  When you have lost a loved one, sometimes decorating their resting place is all you have left.  Sorry, didn't mean to be a downer.

It would be much appreciated if you share our little wreath on your social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.!


  1. Very cute wreath! I have those exact iron-on bunnies and yes for a looooong time ~ too funny. I'm visiting from The Really Crafty party.

  2. So cute, love the colors!
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.


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