Monday, March 19, 2018


Hi.  Thanks for stopping by!  I have a cute and useful gift that would be great for a hostess gift at Easter dinner or "just because".  I have made similar crafts before and I like the way that each time it can be customized, personalized or what-have-you.  So simple and inexpensive!

I picked up a strawberry plant at Walmart (which can later be transplanted to the garden of your recipient) and then I used what I had at home to add an extra touch to the plant.  Above I was thinking of doing an Easter-theme but ended up not doing that.  Why include the photo?  So you can see that you can add or use what you have on hand!

The plant by itself is lovely but just adding a portion of a lunch bag, a couple of buttons, and some twine it makes it a bit more special.

I cut the top of the bag off, using some craft scissors (I held the bag up to the plant first and got an idea where I needed to trim the bag).  Then I opened up the bottom and cut that off, as well.  I folded the sides over a bit so they didn't stick out (you can use double-stick tape if you need).  Insert the plant into the bag, add twine or ribbon around the lower portion of the pot, and if you like, hot glue a button or two over the knot in the twine.

I also have a similar tutorial HERE in which I painted a design onto the bag.

Thanks for stopping by!

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