Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Flowers

I love summer.  I think I have such happy memories from my childhood of riding my bike, getting up with the sunrise and enjoying the quiet, swimming at the community pool, and on.  Summer memories of my own children--biking, playing ball, family evening walks, vacations.  I don't dwell on memories such a bug bites or sunburns--who does?  

Another thing I love about summer?  Flowers.  For years I have planted petunias in my flower beds, small pots, and barrels ( the half wine ones).  It is just such a pleasure planting and caring for my flowers.

Isn't this a beautiful pink?  Super pink bubblegum petunia!


I also have a rose bush in my back flower bed.  I am certainly not an expert on roses but we do okay:).

I hope that you are all enjoying your summer too and making some wonderful memories!

Here is another blog party for Thursdays I discovered:

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