Sunday, September 20, 2015

Decorated Craft Pumpkins

Several years ago I finally decided to buy a couple of craft pumpkins (is it just me or are they spendy?) and add my own personal touch to them.  I really didn't know what I was going to do and had some spray paint on hand ( I usually buy Krylon) so just gave it a go and sprayed one a matte black and the other silver.  After they dried, I then took craft ribbon I had purchased at Walmart and tied the ribbon around and used wired craft ribbon to make a bow on each pumpkin.  I also used a dab of craft glue to hold my bows in place as I completed them.

I realize you can get much fancier than this and someday I might (we do get pretty fancy with our Jack O'Lanterns however--my husband and two of my sons are awesome artists) but for now these are my staples.  They come out of my Fall storage box each year and stay up until Halloween or even Thanksgiving is over. 

Thanks for coming by and taking a look!

Shared by me as a Guest Host on Turn It Up Tuesday!

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