Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hip Flexor Stretches

Hey everyone! So today I decided to do some stretching exercises that are good for anyone but especially good for any mamas-to-be.  It's some nice yoga moves that aren't too hard and are good for your hip flexors! It's important to keep our hip flexors in good shape as they help our hip joints move properly and with full range of motion.  If they are too tight or stiff it can cause lower back pain- and there is enough of that in pregnancy. It will help with reducing discomfort during this time and pains.  So start stretching!

I just did four simple moves that are easy to do everyday.  The first is the basic hip flexor stretch- keep your knee behind your toes, back leg as straight as you can, back nice and tall and only go as deep as you can- don't push it! The next move is the Warrior 1 Pose- once again keep your knee behind your toes (this goes for all the moves) and your back foot will turn down.  Arms up nice and tall!  Then go to Warrior 2- simply bring your arms down (one should be in front and one in back), you want to be looking right through the front arms fingers.  Last, Reverse Warrior.  bring your foot in if you need to and lean backwards as far as you can- if you are at a point where that is hard then just keep your arms straight up again.  Make sure to get the other leg!  Thanks for watching! :)

*Disclaimer: If you are pregnant and/or have not done much exercise before, make sure you check with your health provider before doing any of these exercises.

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