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2016 Ornament Exchange and Blog Hop

Welcome to the 2016 Ornament Exchange & Blog Hop! This year, there are 11 pairs of partners or 22 talented ladies participating in the exchange. The rules of the challenge were simple - create a handmade ornament for under $15 to exchange with a partner and create a tutorial to share on the blog!
Thanks for stopping by twochicksandamom--we are so excited to be participating in the Ornament Exchange and Blog Hop!  Please see our Santa Star Ornament tutorial below:).
2016 Ornament Exchange & Blog Hop
2016 Ornament Exchange Hostesses
Shirley · Intelligent Domesticatons Michelle · Our Crafty Mom
Nicki · Sweet Parrish Place Sherry · Savvy Apron Megan · C'mon Get Crafty
Jelica · A Pretty Fix Emily · Two Purple Couches Christene · Keys to Inspiration
Pamela · Home On The Corner

Hi all.  Thanks for coming by Two Chicks and a Mom and the 2016 Ornament Blog Hop!  Lots of awesome ideas here for those handmade gifts that you want to make!

My Ornament Exchange partner is Beverly of Across the Boulevard.  Please stop by and visit Beverly and Gloria's fun blog!

 I have been making these Santa Star ornaments for quite a few years and they make cute gifts or even a gift topper.

To make these ornaments, you can use a cotton fabric, felt, flannel or I have even used gold lame (la-may) not l-ame, lol.

Above is the pattern with the measurements of each piece.  You could even use a Star-shaped cookie cutter if you like.  The beard and face pieces are cut out of muslin.

Place "face" material on front of star according to placement on pattern.  Sew in place eitther by hand or machine.  Place right sides of fabric together of star-shaped pieces.  Sew a small seam of 1/8 to 1/4 inches and leave a small opening.  Turn right-side out and then stuff with polyfill or similar material.  Using a whip stitch, close opening. 

Place hat pieces right sides together and sew using small seam; turn right-side out.  

For beard, sew down middle of both muslin  pieces to sew together.   Fold over and then using scissors or pinking shears,  cut strips to make beard--be careful to not cut thru the seam you just sewed!

Hand stitch the beard onto Santa's face--the beard is folded in half and you will sew thru or near the seam you sewed earlier.  Instead of straight across, I sew the beard on with a slight curve to match Santa's round face.  Next take two small strips of muslin, twist 2 times thru the middle and hot glue or fabric glue to the top of Santa's beard.  Santa needs his moustache:).

You can also add eyes to Santa, just above the beard at the top of his face.  You can use fabric paint, puff paint or even a dot of nail polish for his eyes.  I usually make his eyes blue but you could do green or any color you prefer.  Be sure to allow the eyes to dry!

Now add Santa's hat.  Place on his head and check for size--if too large you can take up a bit by turning the bottom under and making smaller.  Glue gun or fabric glue in place.  Add any embellishments such as rick rack, decorative ribbon or trim, fake fur, etc.  Just for show I turn down the top of the hat and glue in place but this isn't necessary.

If you would like, add a decorative ribbon to the back of Santa's hat so your Santa Star can hang on the Christmas tree.  You can even sit Santa on a tree branch!

Please email me at if you have any questions--link is also under "Contact Us" tab.

Please check out all the wonderful ideas for the Ornament Exchange!


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