Wednesday, September 6, 2017

String Art Heart

Hello blog friends!

It's been awhile since I've made a post, but I'm back & would like to be more consistent with posting.

So, this post is kind of fun because it's a fairly simple, cute craft that even I, who is as un-crafty as they come, can do. I found this craft while looking for a craft idea to make for my sweetheart. Here's the original video that I followed for the craft here.   If you watch the video you can tell some obvious differences between hers & mine, which makes it fun! This is a craft that you can substitute on & make personal.


  • A wooden board; I bought mine at Michael's & it was an inch thick 
  • Nails; I bought mine at Ace. They're Electro Galvanized roofing nails 3/4 in length.
  • Yarn; I bought my yarn at Walmart. It's Red-Heart Super-Saver jumbo in different shades of blues. (Choose whatever color attracts your eye, this is the creative part.)
Other supplies: 
  • Ruler (to measure distance between nails)
  • Pencil (to mark where you want each nail)
  • Hammer (for nails)
  • Power tool (optional, but using one to put holes in the wood before nailing the nails in makes its so much easier.)
  • Wood stain (I didn't do this, but if you do, make sure that your wood is completely dry before beginning.)

Step 1: Print out a heart shape, tape it to the wood & measure the distance you want between each nail, mark each spot with your pencil. Found the heart pattern here.

Step 2: Use the power tool to drill holes into the wood (optional) on the designated spots, nail in the nails. 

Step 3: Remove the template. Using your yarn, make a knot around the bottom nail, begin to go around the nails, up & down, side to side, with the yarn. 

Step 4: When you're happy with how your yarn looks, go around the outside of the nails with the yarn to outline in (you may want to refer to the video to get a better visual of this).

Step 5: Go under the yarn with the yarn & back around the bottom nail making a knot again & cut the yarn. (Another good time to refer to the video.).

And there you have it! You're finished. This is a great gift for really anyone and anytime, really. Hope you enjoyed this post. 

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