Thursday, December 19, 2019

Barometer Hike

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Hey again, everyone! Here's a little bit about another hike I've done since being in Kodiak. Jon and I did this for our 5th anniversary date, right after eating a huge thing of frozen yogurt - it all balances out, right?

Barometer is definitely one of the hardest hikes I've done (this includes all the hikes we did in Hawaii), but it was so worth it!  It's said to be Kodiak's most popular mountain, and there is a 2,073-foot elevation gain in just a few miles.  It's between 3-4 miles. It took my husband and I about hour and fifteen or twenty minutes to get to the top, and I'm sure he could have made it faster without me. The top left picture is about what it looks like right now, and I still see people headed to do this hike!  We actually have a really great view from our apartment, and get to look at this beautiful mountain everyday right from our window.

I don't suggest doing this hike alone, especially if you are not an avid hiker.  About halfway through, you lose all the vegetation, so it gets pretty easy to slip on the loser gravel. However, it is an absolutely beautiful view, and so worth the steep hike.  Prepare for the false peaks, as well.  There were several times I thought we were right there, and we were definitely not.  Come strong-willed and ready!

In this picture above, if you look way in the back you can see Kodiak's solar windmills. Which are pretty high up themselves!

Thanks for checking it out! Look out for more soon!

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