Sunday, January 17, 2021


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If you saw our post from last week HERE, 
this is a different take on our Snowmen Centerpiece.  Same tray, same "snow" but different Snowmen, mostly.

Many of these Snowmen have been gifts or I have collected over the years.  You know how one day you just realize that you have an actual collection of something?  I realized that some years back. The 2 Snowpeople in the back are S&P shakers.
This little bespectacled guy is made from a dried gourd.  I purchased him at a craft fair one year.  Cute! So dashing in his hat, scarf and glasses.
Isn't this guy so adorable?  Another purchase from a local craft fair.  I love his scarf and gloves.  He used to hold a broom in his hand (you can see a small remnant in his hand) but my cat thought the broom was for him lol.  Darn cat!


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