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We were provided Storage Chef items to review--opinions are our own.  Please see our DISCLOSURE POLICY for further info.

Unexpected and tough times can befall any of us. Whether it be job loss, family emergencies, or natural disasters, being prepared is a must.  STORAGE CHEF is a company that specializes in providing you and your family with quality and nutritious FOOD STORAGE items.  The cost won't break the family bank, either!  


Our family recently was given the opportunity to receive and review several STORAGE CHEF meals.  Here are a few of our thoughts.

The meals came packaged in heavy-duty foil bags with oxygen absorbers enclosed inside.  The meals can last up to 20 years!  

No MSG and no GMO ingredients in the food--huge plus!

STORAGE CHEF buys in bulk and passes the savings onto you!

BONUS--the food tastes great!  You might have had food storage meals before that, well, could have tasted less like cardboard.  Let's face it, you want to feed your family food that is nutritious and something that they will actually enjoy eating.  STORAGE CHEF has delicious meals, desserts, even chocolate milk.

This flavor of this Vanilla Pudding reminded me of the cooked pudding my mom used to serve when I was a kid--smooth and creamy with just the right hint of vanilla.

Chicken a La King is another favorite that we enjoyed for dinner one evening.  STORAGE CHEF actually cuts down on the amount of time that you spend making a meal.  This Chicken a La King prepped in minutes and we simply added a green salad to complete our meal.

I think perhaps my most favorite STORAGE CHEF meal might have been Strawberry Oatmeal.  I for one love to have breakfast for dinner and this oatmeal hit the spot.  It was yummy on its on but I added some fresh berries, a bit of whipped cream and some dark chocolate chips.  It was very filling and doubled as my dinner and my dessert (not that I have dessert every night....).

These are just a few of the meals that we tried and we will definitely be ordering from STORAGE CHEF.  STORAGE CHEF has 3 monthly subscriptions to choose from (and you can cancel your subscription at any time): 

 Basic (40 servings)

Standard (64 servings)

Premium (92 servings)

You can also order bulk packages with anywhere from 200--300--400 servings in each box to get your storage started ASAP. 

Oh wait, did I mention the DISCOUNT CODE?  When you place your order, make sure that you enter code "twochicksandamom" for a special discount! Go to STORAGE CHEF
today to get started on easy meals for busy nights and/or being prepared for whatever the future holds!

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  2. In the past, my parents used to have food storage. They basically stored all the canned things we already ate and it was good but very hard to store. These little packets look like you could store a lot more in a smaller space. If they taste good, that would be a really good factor! Covid has made a lot of us think more about food storage as well. Thanks for the info!


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