Friday, May 1, 2015


   Things have been busy for all three of us but just recently I moved to Alaska from Hawaii (talk about a change).  The school semester ended so my husband and I came to Wrangell, where he's from, to work and do our internships.  I'll be working as a waitress at one of the few restaurants on the island and working/interning with the Parks and Recreation department.  I get to instruct fitness classes (HIIT, kickboxing, yoga, low impact aerobics) and set up a summer program for kids 6-11 here.  It will definitely keep me busy while my husband does his commercial fishing internship/job.
   Alaska is beautiful!  It's been cold and pretty rainy since we've gotten here- I am not complaining after living in heat and humidity for so long.  The picture below is the view from the place we are currently staying in.  What else would you want to wake up to in the morning? :)  Hopefully in my few months of being here before heading back to school, I will be able to post more about hikes and other beautiful sites here.  For a small island, it sure does have a lot. 
P.S. Watch for some different workouts I may post and some of the activities I do with the kids from the summer program! :)


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