Sunday, May 31, 2015

Simple Gift Updated

If you follow this blog or follow us on Facebook or Pinterest, then you might have seen my post entitled "Simple Gift" a few days ago.  I needed a gift at the last minute (not really needed as much as wanted) and purchased a chocolate mint plant in the fine mesh, not a pot.  I then decided to cut a paper bag with scrapbooking scissors, placed the plant in it and then tied it with colored twine.  Here is my original photo:

Well, I got to thinking what I would do with a little more time.  Here is what I did today:

 Here's how:

Cut a household sponge into a circle, grabbed a stamping dauber, acrylic paints and cotton swabs.

I again cut a brown paper (obviously haha) lunch bag with my scissors and using the the sponge, acrylic paint and dauber, "artfully" decorated the bags.

It doesn't take long but less messy if you let the paint dry on each side before doing another.  I painted the sides of each bag as well for a "finished" look.  I then placed a plant in each bag and tied with twine.  I did cut off the bottom of the bags, unlike my original bag.

One more photo for good measure.  I didn't bother to buy new paint colors as you can probably tell.  
Anyway, if you need to "dress up" a plant as a gift, this might come in handy.  I just delivered two of the plants above as "welcome to the neighborhood" gifts.  The third will be a teacher end of year gift.

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